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My name is Mark J. Hauser, M.D. Welcome to the personal section of my web site.

My current practice includes several areas of subspecialty: a range of psychiatric consultation services to state and private agencies that serve adults with mental retardation and/or head injury in Connecticut and Massachusetts, provision of psychiatric services to hospitals and crisis teams, forensic psychiatry, psychotherapy, and volunteer work, serving on a variety of statewide committees and professional societies. I received my B.A. at Brown University and my M.D. at the University of Cincinnati. My residency training in psychiatry was at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, part of Harvard Medical School.

Specifically, I focus on the interface of law, psychiatry and mental retardation. If you're interested in psychiatry, check out my other site,

On 4 May 1997, I slipped off the stairs, spraining my right ankle and breaking a bone in my left foot. Take a look at the x-ray.This fall leads me to give a piece of advice: always use the handrail when you are walking down stairs.

Please visit my art gallery, featuring works by Ken Brown, William Dunlap, my father Harry Hauser, Piet Mondrian, and Alexander Ney.

So, that's my introduction. I hope you find my site useful. If you do, please mail me and let me know what you think. Contributions are always welcome.